Express / perishable shipments

Prior to sending a shipment, especially when sending special cargo, you can contact our local sales representatives for more information.


  • Without detours to destination.
  • Non-stop flights.


  • Highly precise load planning.
  • Separate storage in secured area.
  • Receive individual follow up.
  • Non-stop flight.

Live animals: transporting animals in aircraft

  • You can take your pet with you on the Air Belgium flights.
  • Kindly send a mail to (AB cargo address) and we will revert with a price and the handling process.

Express shipment

  • Last minute booking possible.
  • Highest priority with personal attention.
  • Fastest airport to airport solution CRL – FDF/PTP – CRL with minimum handling.
  • Full access to aircraft cargo capacity.


  • High-Tech items such as smartphones, tablets, etc containing Lithium batteries.
  • Transportation in a safe and secure manner.
  • Acceptance of Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment (UN3481 PI967 Section II) cells ≤20Wh, batteries ≤ 100Wh or packed with equipment (UN3481 PI966 Section II) cells ≤20Wh, batteries ≤ 100Wh.